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I need to find two library resources on plagiarism. Where should I look?

1191 views 39 38    Last updated on Jan 07, 2019    research help required for class

To get to articles, which will most effectively address your assignment, the best place to look depends on your program. From the Kreitzberg Library for Online Students homepage, look for the Databases button to get to the Research Databases...... read more

How do I access the library?

928 views 41 35    Last updated on Feb 24, 2014    logins

The library is linked from the Virtual Campus, as well as in your courses. When you select a link within the library requiring you to sign in (subscription based databases), use your same credentials as for the Virtual Campus, your courses and...... read more

Can I request books from the library be sent to me?

813 views 31 40    Last updated on Mar 25, 2014    books requesting materials

Absolutely! The library can send you anything in our circulating collection through our Book Request service. We cover outgoing shipping, but you are responsible for return costs. Loans are for 90 days with unlimited renewals. Check out the...... read more

The research database I want to use (EBSCO, ProQuest, JSTOR, etc.) is not working. What is going on?

773 views 39 38    Last updated on Mar 25, 2014    troubleshooting databases

Could be a variety of things related to the database or your computer. There are a number of troubleshooting tricks you can test/try.   Try reloading the page. If still no joy, see if other databases are working to determine if the one you want...... read more

What is an A Number? How do I find mine?

769 views 33 36    Last updated on Feb 21, 2014    logins

Your A Number is your Norwich Institutional ID. You only need it for requesting materials from the library. It can be found on any official correspondence from the University, such as bills. We can also easily look it up for you.... read more

How do I setup Google Scholar to search library stuff?

743 views 35 34    Last updated on Aug 03, 2015    searching

Easy peasy!  From www.google.com go to the Settings. Choose Library links, search for Norwich and then choose Norwich University - Full-Text @ Norwich. Don't forget to hit Save! You only need to set this up once per browser. Just be sure to start...... read more

What if KL does not have the book I want? Can I request books from other libraries?

739 views 37 37    Last updated on Mar 25, 2014    books requesting materials

Unfortunately, no.  With the short loan periods on interlibrary loan books there is not enough time to ship items to you and give you time to use them. Many public libraries have interlibrary loan services and nearly all academic libraries will...... read more

How do I cite/create a citation for .... ? Can you help?

725 views 47 31    Last updated on Mar 25, 2014    research help required for class

We are glad to help with citation questions on specific items, but also encourage you to help yourself. Our Citing Sources guide points to great resources online and the OWL at Purdue is particularly excellent with assistance for MLA, APA and  Chicago.... read more

Why don't all of the research databases look the same?

702 views 36 41    Last updated on Mar 25, 2014    searching databases

We contract with many different vendors to offer over 100 research databases, as well as the library catalog. Each vendor's interface has its own look and feel (some have more than one!). The good thing is, the research databases all work really...... read more

Can I checkout books at the University library near me since I go to Norwich?

697 views 43 30    Last updated on Feb 21, 2014    books

The library does not have any established relationships with other institutions for borrowing privileges.  Our students are all over the world so it would be hard to narrow down! Some Universities have community membership cards or other unique...... read more

When are librarians available to help me?

692 views 40 36    Last updated on Feb 21, 2014    research help

Librarians are available 7 days a week via email when CGCS classes are in session. We are logged in to chat and available by phone from 9am-9:30pm EST, Monday through Thursday and until 4:30pm on Fridays. During the summer, librarians are...... read more

Is there a return shipping label for sending my books back?

682 views 39 37    Last updated on Mar 25, 2014    books requesting materials

Yup. Here you go.... read more

How can I find out due dates for books I checked out? What if I need to renew?

665 views 35 42    Last updated on Feb 21, 2014    books logins

Login in to Your Library Account and then click the Your Library Account link in the upper right hand corner. All of your items will display with their due dates. The option to renew is on the same page.... read more

How do I find out of the library has a specific periodical (journal, magazine, newspaper)?

662 views 31 34    Last updated on Mar 25, 2014    articles searching

There is a foolproof method! Use the Specific Article and Journal tab on the Search the Kreitzberg Library box and search by the name of the periodical. The search results will tell you what research databases, if any, we have the periodical through. ... read more

What is Your Library Account? Why do I need it?

661 views 37 40    Last updated on Mar 25, 2014    logins requesting materials

Your Library Account is for requesting and renewing books from the library. The first time you request a book, you need to create the account. Click the "Set/reset password" link from the login page and follow the prompts. See the Your Library...... read more

There are so many research databases to choose from. How do I know which ones are best for my topic?

627 views 39 31    Last updated on Mar 25, 2014    searching databases research strategy

We know this can be overwhelming, but try to guide you by organizing databases into categories in the Subject Specific Research box. These categories should take you in the right direction. It is also important to think critically about your...... read more

I am getting an off campus login screen. What should I do?

606 views 32 30    Last updated on Oct 23, 2014    troubleshooting logins

This is necessary when you go to any of the subscription-based services the library provides. Simply put in your Norwich username (everything before the @ in your student email) and password. Contact us for help if you have trouble.... read more

Can I use the library on a mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Android phone, Kindle, etc.)?

601 views 35 39    Last updated on Oct 23, 2014    databases

Absolutely! The library website is designed to automatically adapt to the size of your screen. Do keep in mind not all library research database vendors offer mobile interfaces that automatically redirect.... read more

My login for Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad) is not working. What should I do?

600 views 37 32    Last updated on Feb 21, 2014    troubleshooting requesting materials

This is usually just a typing issue! The login is case sensitive, so be sure to capitalize the A in your A Number (i.e. A00123456 ), as well as the first letter of your Last Name. If you still have trouble or a message saying "A Number is...... read more

Where can I access the Chicago Manual of Style?

599 views 33 32    Last updated on Dec 18, 2014    required for class

The Chicago Manual of Style is available in the Reference Section box under the Research Databases tab on the library guides for applicable programs. Please note that you will have to use your Norwich username and password to access the library's...... read more

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